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New Account Opening

If you are opening a new account
I understand that opening a personal platform account with Sense Reserve is subject to an opening fee of £500 per account. Business accounts are subject to an opening fee of £700 per account.

In addition opening fees, all personal accounts will be subject to an £12 monthly fee and business accounts are subject to a £20 monthly fee, all monthly fees will be debited from your account annually in advance.*

The Sense Reserve platform offers access to secure crypto wallets which will be subject to a £25 annual fee.

Business accounts can be established after your personal account is open*

*The monthly fee is subject to a minimum balance being maintained of £500, if accounts fall below the minimum balance, the monthly fee will be doubled.

I understand that Sense Reserve Limited is an unregulated introducer to The Sense Reserve fintech platform, which operates as a trading style of Valens Pay Limited. Valens Pay Limited holds a Money Service Business License issued by Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), license no. M21914872. You can see the license here.

By applying above for any of the Sense Reserve fintech platform offerings, you accept the Terms and Conditions provided by Valens Pay Limited, which are available at all times on the site, and you acknowledge the platform site is owned and operated by Valens Pay Limited.

Sense Reserve Limited NEVER holds client deposits, all deposit services are provided through the Sense Reserve fintech platform, a trading style of Valens Pay Limited and deposit services are regulated under both Valens Pay Limited and its partners.

Personal Loans / Debt - The Debt Myth

We would like to state that all courses of action have been researched intensively,
however the results of the actions cannot be guaranteed by any party. You must understand
that this action is your personal choice to support, and it is important that you understand
the inherent risks involved in taking any legal action against a third party.

If you are unsure of the possible consequences of any legal action, we would advise that you
seek further professional assistance. I understand that Sense reserve is not a regulated debt
management company and will not be providing me with information in the form of
regulated legal or financial advice.

Please be advised however that the courses of action that are being taken, are not standard
practice and will often be misunderstood by most professionals in the legal arena.
Challenges to the system such as ours have rarely been attempted, however we do not see
this as a barrier for going forward.

In addition to the fees charged for our training, you will be subject to covering the cost of a
small amount of personal admin, along with recorded postage fees.

I understand that any information I provide to Sense reserve is for research purposes only. All
information given will be kept private and will not be shared with any outside organisations for any reason.

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